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Spectrum magazine is published by the American Association of Law Librarians (AALL), an organization promoting the value of law librarians and providing information on legal research tools, technology, and resources. AALL also publishes Law Library Journal. Please visit AALL for membership and subscription information for these resources.

View a list of county law libraries located in the State of Georgia.

Publications from Georgia Appleseed

Georgia Appleseed publishes two handbooks for use in trials and other proceedings involving mentally challenged defendants. Please visit Georgia Appleseed for more information. The publications are as follows:

  • Black’s Law Dictionary, Ninth Edition
  • Daniel’s Georgia Criminal Trial Practice, 2008 Edition
  • Daniel’s Georgia Criminal Trial Practice, 2009-2010 Edition
  • Finding the Path to Equal Justice - A handbook for defendants with mental disabilities and their families
  • Opening the Door: Justice for Adult Defendants with Mental Retardation - A handbook for attorneys