Follow these helpful tips to do your part in preventing stormwater pollution:

  • Use dry methods to cleanup spills, such as cat litter or a dry-sweep compound. Do not hose spills into the street! The water will flow into storm drains and carry the spill into our creeks.
  • Recycle used grease and oil. Do not pour them into sinks or onto parking lots or streets.
  • Store hazardous materials in a dry, safe place. Keep all toxic materials in their original containers. Consider making your own non-toxic cleaners.
  • Make sure contaminated wash water and chemical are disposed of properly. Do not dump wash water or mop buckets into the street or storm drains.
  • Keep your dumpsters clean and the lids closed, and make sure they are not leaking.
  • Never wash out used paintbrushes in the street.
  • Report a discharge to the proper authorities.

Check out some businesses that have gone above and beyond to manage stormwater on their property. These are our annual Stormwater Stewards.

Want to do more? Consider getting your employees involved in a stream clean up, a service project or another hands on opportunity. Check the Volunteer page for ideas or sign up for the Events calendar.