Stream Sign Project

Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Management and other county departments partnered with Upper Oconee Watershed Network (UOWN) to increase public knowledge of area streams through new signage. Public Utilities and the Transportation and Public Works departments worked with UOWN to place signs where local roads cross over streams or creeks. The new signs bear the name of the stream on a blue background.

Initially, 16 signs were installed along Trail Creek and its two major branches. Trail Creek originates where two smaller creeks, the East Fork Trail Creek and West Fork Trail Creek, meet in the northern portion of Clarke County. On its way to the North Oconee River at Dudley Park, the creek passes underneath the Athens Loop 10, Vine Street, and East Broad Street, oftentimes unnoticed by motorists on the road above.

Public support of these initial signs along Trail Creek is being gauged to determine the placement of future signs along other creek crossings in the county. Let Stormwater Management know what you think about the stream sign project at 706-613-3440.