Recycling Dumpsters


Dumpster recycling services are provided at no additional charge if your business uses our garbage services. If you are not a customer of ours, but wish to arrange for recycling services from us, the monthly fees for recycling dumpsters are:

The monthly fees for recycling dumpsters are (new fees as of January 1, 2012).
Collection Frequency
Dumpster Size




One per week $56.60



Two per week $95.60



Three per week $134.60



Four per week $173.60



Five per week $212.60



Other Fees

Customers who have blocked dumpsters or want to switch out dumpsters will be charged $15 per dumpster. Any customer requesting a change in service level or collection schedule over and above the one free change allowed to each customer during a calendar year, will be assessed a fee of $10 per change. A minimum of $20 will be charged for steam cleaning and disinfecting dumpsters.

Using the Service

Using this service can help your business become compliant with ACC's Commercial Recycling Ordinance. For more information on the ordinance and additional resources, visit the Commercial Recycling page

Save Money

Overall, your company should save money by recycling at work. By removing from the waste stream those items formerly thrown away as trash and putting them in a recycling dumpster, you may be able to use a smaller dumpster for your garbage (which would result in a lower fee) and/or have that dumpster emptied less frequently (barring any health regulations, i.e., restaurants must have dumpsters emptied at least three times a week). For questions on recycling services, call 706-613-3512.