Commercial Curbside Service

In accordance with the Athens-Clarke County, GA Code of Ordinances, Title 5 – Utilities, Chapter 5, Sec. 5-2-16. - Commercial customers located in the Downtown Business District in Athens, GA and is required to use Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Services.

Business located outside of Downtown but are within the Athens-Clarke County limits have the options to use Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Services or one of the Authorized Private Haulers.

Please call (706) 613-3501 for more details.

Rates Effective Friday July 1st, 2023

What level of Commercial Curbside Service would you like?

If you have chosen Curbside Collection, in addition to payment of the monthly base fee, all solid waste generated by said business or other entity, with the exception of materials to be recycled, will only be placed in official Athens-Clarke County garbage bags for curbside collection. These garbage bags are sold for $1.50 per bag at the Water Business Office, Downtown Parking and the Solid Waste Dept.
Collections per Week Service Description Monthly Rate
Twice a Week  Ideal for the business outside of downtown that does not serve food. This level is not available Downtown. $30.50
Three times a Week  Ideal for the Downtown business that does not serve food. Not available for bars or restaurants Downtown. $37.50
Once a Day Ideal for small bars or restaurants [one meal a day]. $95.00
Twice a Day Ideal for the bar or restaurant Downtown that service breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.  $185.75
Downtown Apartments Ideal for all Downtown Residential Apartments. This fee includes 20 City Trash Bags that are delivered to your landlord or your apartment on the first week in Aug, Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, and June.    $35.75
Large Volume Multiple roll carts  $370.25