Food Scraps Collection

Food Scraps collectionAthens-Clarke County offers collection of food scraps for commercial businesses, nonprofits and organizations in Athens-Clarke County. This service includes weekly collection of compostable materials. Compostable items include, but are not limited to the following items: all food scraps (fruit, vegetables, meat, processed food); hair (pet and human); compostable plant-based products (plates, cups, cutlery, clamshells, plates); wax-coated cardboard, and for a complete list of items visit In short, anything that used to be alive.

This service is a curbside service that does not include compostable bags. If compost material is in bags, the bags MUST be compostable. If you need assistance with compostable products, including bags, please contact the Recycling Division or 706-613-3501-ext. 7878.


Collections per week starting with (1) 32-gallon compost cart
  • Each additional 32-gallon compost roll cart is an additional $5.50 each.
  • Backyard or Indoor additional service fee cost $16.50. 
  • The Commercial Composting Contamination Fee $20.00 per ton.
  • The Commercial Composting Cart Cleaning fee (Upon Request) $11.00 per cart. 
  • The Commercial Composting Cart Replacement Fee $27.50 per cart.