Home Water Assessment

How much water does your household use on an average day?  A water assessment is an opportunity to analyze your water use to determine how efficiently water is being used and identify opportunities to lower water use and your water bills.

Family Water Assessment Guide
Use this water assessment guide with tips and activities for the family.  

Renters Water Assessment Guide
Use this water assessment with tips for those who rent their residence.

Compare Your Usage to Other Athenians!
Gallons per person per dayWinter SummerYour Rank

< 5050-80Water Warrior - Way to go! Share your water-efficient ways with friends and neighbors.

50-7081-99Water Wise - You use the average amount of water for Athens.

> 70> 100Biggest User - See our tips for conserving more water.  You can do it!

Avoid the math!
Don't want to do the math to determine how much water your household uses on an average day? Then start your free WaterSmart account and let us do the math for you!  On your WaterSmart home page, look for "My Daily Use" to quickly see how much water is used per day.  Click on "View Use" to see when you use water the most.  See any patterns?  Use WaterSmart to identify what is being used at that time to lead to increased use.

Need More Help?
Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can spot opportunities to increase the water efficiency of your home. Schedule to have one of our Water Conservation Specialists visit your home to conduct a water assessment.  
Schedule a Home Water Assessment Visit online or call 706-613-3729.

My Daily Use shows the per day gallons of water used in a household - available on WaterSmart online