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Saving with WaterSmart
WaterSmart is a free, secure, online tool to help customers take control of their water use.  Easy to read graphs display water use by the year, month, week, day, and hour.  Find when you use the most water, then take action to become more efficient.

Saving Water Inside
There are plenty of ways to conserve water inside your home. Even a few small changes can add up to hundreds of gallons of water saved each year.

Saving Water Outside
You can have a beautiful landscape while being water-wise.  Conserving water outside your home is just as easy as conserving inside. 

Use your meter to look for leaks

The video below shows how to use your meter to determine if you have a leak.

If you see the leak indicator on your meter, you can also use the meter to determine if a leak is inside our outside your home.  Shut off the main water valve to the home.  This valve is typically located in the basement, under a crawl space, or outside of the house.  Once water is off to the house, check the meter again.  If the flow has stopped on the meter, then the leak is likely to be inside the home.  If water flow is still indicated, then the leak is more likely to be between the meter and your home.  

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