Updates to the Comprehensive Plan

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs regulates the establishment of Comprehensive Plans and Community Work Programs with the Minimum Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning. This requires that the Community Work Program is updated every 5 years. 

A Community Work Program lays out the specific activities the community plans to undertake during the next five years to address the priority Needs and Opportunities, identified Target Areas, or to achieve portions of the Community Goals. This includes any activities, initiatives, programs, ordinances, administrative systems (such as site plan review, design review, etc.) to be put in place to implement the plan. 

See updates here:

  • 2013 Update for the 2008 Comprehensive Plan
  • 2023 Update for the 2018 Comprehensive Plan (More to Come!)
    • The 5-Year Update of the 2018 Comprehensive Plan for Athens-Clarke County is due to be completed by June 30th, 2023. We will be hosting a public Kick-Off meeting to inform the public about the 5-Year Update process and to receive initial comments. The Kick-Off meeting has been scheduled for 5:30 PM on Thursday, March 17th in the Planning Department Auditorium at 120 W. Dougherty Street.
    • Check back in over the next year to see updates about the process and opportunities to get involved!