2008 Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan for Athens-Clarke County and the City of Winterville, Georgia, is an overall guide for the growth and general development of Clarke County, and the two municipalities located within its boundaries, for a twenty year period beginning in the year 2008 and extending to the year 2028.

StakeholdersSteering Committees
Citizens of Athens Clarke County
Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and Subcommittees
Mayor & Commission
Planning Commission

Planning Department Staff

About the Plan

The 2008 Comprehensive Plan is broken down into three sections:

  • Community Agenda
    The Community Agenda includes the community's vision expressed in narrative form as well as in the form of maps, including the Growth Concept map and the Future Development map. The document includes the vision statements, issues and opportunities, and ensuing policy and work plan items that were developed by the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee's subcommittees and edited by the Planning Commission and Mayor and Commission into the final Community Agenda document.
  • Community Assessment
    The purpose of the Community Assessment is to present a factual and conceptual foundation upon which the rest of the comprehensive plan is built. The Community Assessment was prepared by Athens-Clarke County department staff and provides a professional collection and analysis of data and information about the community. It is presented in a concise, executive summary format, but it also includes a detailed addendum for each topic area. The Community Assessment documents are all in Adobe Reader (pdf) file format:
  • Community Participation Program
    A blueprint for citizen participation has been prepared and approved by the Mayor and Commission. The Athens-Clarke County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee is charged with overseeing the community participation in the formation of the plan and assuring that the plan includes input from our community. The Community Participation Program describes the efforts that will be made to ensure public participation and involvement in the development of the community agenda. The program includes a schedule, a list of stakeholders and the description of events, meetings, and hearings that will take place.
  • Supplemental Plans
    Includes all those plans or studies produced by various agencies and other Athens-Clarke County departments that contribute to or otherwise shape the Athens-Clarke County Comprehensive Plan. The Service Delivery Strategy  is included as a supportive element of the Comprehensive Plan.