12: Greenspace Acquisition & Sustainability Project

Project Statement

The greenspace acquisition part of this project will provide funding for the acquisition of selected properties by the Unified Government to permanently protect such property for use as greenspace and contribute to the ongoing development of a comprehensive, county-wide “green infrastructure” as a component of the overall land base. This will continue an ongoing SPLOST 2011 Project. The sustainability part of this project will provide funding for purposes that may include, but not be limited to, pervious pavement retrofits, water conservation retrofits, developing facilities to expand local food distribution, creating green roofs, on‐site stormwater improvements, rainwater harvesting systems, expanding access to recycling facilities, and funding equipment used for natural area restoration. Additionally, to the extent allowed by law, funds may be used as matching funds for leveraging grant opportunities.

Estimated Cost:  
SPLOST 2020 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact