03: Classic Center Arena Project

Project Details

The Classic Center Arena project is envisioned to provide a 5,500-seat public assembly facility/arena space (when configured for a sports event) which can be increased to accommodate up to 6,500 seats when configured for a public assembly or concert event.  The Arena is to include a connecting, elevated plaza to Foundry Street as well as all of the requisite support spaces such as:  suites, a commissary, retractable seating, locker rooms and storage areas for a multi-use arena facility.  

Project Update

Rock removal activities on the site proper are complete for the time being; more rock removal is expected within the next couple of months as work begins in The Foundry lot. Site grading continues along with the work relating to installing and connecting site utilities. Installation of the foundation systems is ongoing. The train crash wall has been erected and concrete pours at the event level and the club level are near completion. Concrete pours at concourse level will begin in late July.     Parts of Foundry Drive are expected to open  in July.  Raker beam formwork and concrete pours have begun and the seating bowl is beginning to take shape. The bridge over Hickory Street and stair tower is  expected to be delivered by a private developer as part of a new 1,000 spot parking deck.  

Estimated Cost:  
SPLOST 2020 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact