Communications Equipment

Phase II Wireless 9-1-1

In February 2004, Central Communications began processing Phase II Wireless 9-1-1 calls. With this technology, Communications personnel are able to plot a cell phone caller’s location on a map. This technology allows the caller’s location to be updated as the caller changes locations during the call.

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Central Communications has used a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) to log and process calls for service since March 1993. The current system, provided by Intergraph Public Safety, was was implemented in December 2007. It provides exceptional functionality, speed, and accuracy within the Communications Center. Communications Personnel can enter calls or use other CAD functions with a computer mouse by 'dragging and dropping', or directly enter computer commands on a command line. Two maps of Athens-Clarke County are available to Communications Personnel through CAD. The first map shows all streets, intersections, building footprints, and parcels in Athens-Clarke County. The second map interfaces with the county’s Pictometry Database. This gives Communications Personnel a high resolution, color, photographic map which provides image selection and five different aerial views, including profile views of locations.

Radios & Mobile Data Terminals

Central Communications personnel communicate with field units through a P25 trunked radio system which serves more than 1,000 county employees throughout the Athens-Clarke County Government. Additionally, Central Communications can communicate with field units via mobile data terminals are used by Police, Fire, and Sheriff's Office units. All radio and telephone traffic is recorded using a digital recording system located within the Communications Center.