Glass Bottle Reduction Program

beer can and draftBars and restaurants with a Class E Retail Beer by the Drink license that demonstrate 100% of their sales of High Volume Domestic Beers (HVDBs) in aluminum or draft can receive a 50% reduction in their next year's beer license renewal fee. Bars and restaurants with 50-99% of their sales can receive a 25% reduction. Participating bars and restaurants must:

  1. Be compliant with the Commercial Recycling Ordinance.
  2. Complete the Glass Bottle Reduction Program form.
  3. Submit invoices from beverage distributors or point-of-sale report that details these sales for the previous 12-month period. Documentation must include where it was sold by glass, aluminum, or draft.

The deadline for participation in the 2024 Glass Bottle Reduction Program was MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2023.


  • Determine your five top-selling beers.
  • Demonstrate that your five top-selling beers are sold by draft or aluminum can by providing documentation with point-of-sale reports or delivery invoices clearly showing 12 months of sales.
  • Complete the Glass Bottle Reduction Program Reporting Form.
  • Receive a 50% reduction on your next year's Class E Retail Beer by the Drink license renewal for 100% sales of your five beers or a 25% reduction for 50-99% sales of your top five beers by aluminum cans and/or by draft.

Why?Trash on sidewalks

  • Glass bottles from bars were identified as a hazard in the 2017 Downtown Health and Safety study.
  • Piles of bagged glass pose a trip-fall hazard to patrons and emergency responders during emergency exits, and to pedestrians during non-emergencies.
  • Cut bags lead to foul-smelling liquid leaking onto sidewalks and inside businesses
  • Fragments of glass litter sidewalks and roadways, posing a cut hazard to pedestrians and pets.
  • Last two Solid Waste injuries downtown were due to glass.
  • Glass devalues the recycling stream, increasing Solid Waste operational costs. Glass causes $25,000 in maintenance issues each year and is costly to recycle. Aluminum is the highest valued recyclable.
  • A full glass beverage bottle outweighs aluminum nearly 2:1. 200 empty aluminum cans weigh about 6.6 lbs compared with 75 lbs for 200 beer bottles. That's a lot of weight for staff to carry.

More Details

  • Only available to bars and restaurants with a Class E Retail Beer by the Drink license and are compliant with the Commercial Recycling Ordinance.
  • Spot checks will be performed by Solid Waste staff and the Fire Marshal’s office.
  • Bar owners and distributors agree that the cost difference between glass and aluminum is negligible.
  • Bars and restaurants that have already switched to aluminum and/or draft for their HVDBs are still eligible for this program.

Print the Glass Reduction Program Application here.

Read the full SW-023 Policy here.

For more information or questions, contact the Commercial Recycling Specialist at 706-613-3501, ext. 7873 or email