Thank You for submitting your Recycling Plan!

Final Step- Verification

There are three options for completing your verification:

  1. Submit photos via an online form (upload photos of the interior and exterior of your trash and recycling bins)
  2. Schedule an in-person inspection (typically a 20-30 minute tour of your facility)
  3. Schedule a virtual inspection (typically a 20-30 minute virtual tour of your facility) 

Verification includes:

  • Demonstrating where you collect your recycling throughout your property
  • Sharing your recycling education methods
  • Sharing where your recycling is deposited for collection (i.e. dumpster or roll carts)

For guidance on expectations for compliance with the ordinance, please visit Getting Started. Section three details how and where your bins should staged and accessible for use.

Final approval will be determined by the Commercial Recycling Specialist and you will be notified of your approval by email. For any questions, contact the Commercial Recycling Specialist Denise Plemmons at