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Application for Special Event Food Service Permit

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  2. Application for Special Event Food Service Permit

    to comply with SW-021 Material Management Policy

    • Only applicable for events with two or more food or beverage vendors.
    • One food vendor per application.

     A description of recyclable materials and compostable materials is available on our website

    For assistance or information, call 706-613-3501 ext. 7878.

  3. $25 Application Fee is due on completion of this application.
    • For faster processing and to pay by credit card: Please call 706-613-3501 ext. 7884.
    • To pay in person: Please print your completed application and bring to 725 Hancock Industrial Way, Athens, GA 30605 
    • To pay by mail: Please print your completed application and mail with the $25 application fee made payable to ACC Solid Waste to P.O. Box 1868, Athens GA 30605. Check must be received prior to the event date.
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  6. Food Vendor Agreement

    "I agree to adhere to the rules set forth in the SW-021 Material Management Policy and understand there are applicable fines associated with non-compliance.”

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