The Innovation Ambassadors Inception Story

In September 2016, ACCGov joined a national governmental association called the Alliance for Innovation.  The Alliance for Innovation is designed to bring together communities that are looking to transform local government and inspire innovation in their employees. 

The group works with ICMA and Arizona State University to help advance its members and share successes with each other.  While ACCGov is regarded in many circles as a government that already uses innovative practices, this initiative is designed to truly encourage a culture of innovation for us.  Our work with the Alliance for Innovation has already helped bring together high-performing employees from across departments to focus on real, local issues. 

Each year, a new set of projects are introduced to the ambassadors and "hives" are created for each of the projects.  Ambassadors self-select the hives that interest them to explore and research potential solutions, many with ACCGov employees they have never met.  The hive projects are an opportunity for ambassadors to build strategic relationships across the government, while innovating new ideas to address current issues, and finalizing their project by offering recommendations to the ACCGov Management Team; and sometimes presenting their solutions to the Mayor and Commission.

Every year, a new group of employees and directors are selected to experience leadership growth opportunities and contribute to building a culture of innovative thinking.  


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Initially, 33 employee ambassadors
and 5 department directors in varying fields were selected on October 2016 to launch the ACCGOV Innovation Ambassadors annual program. Coordination of projects for the ambassadors is overseen by Organizational Development and the Manager's Office.

The group engaged in a team-building Emergenetics® workshop that emphasized strengths-based communication strategies. Other team-building events included learning about the budget, project management, and performance management processes. From the beginning, the group was encouraged to be an actively working group that would not only research and discuss projects, but also achieve real results.

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