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Supporting Culture and Connection While Working Remotely

With so many opportunities to connect in person, working 100% remotely during the pandemic has been a challenge. As a member of Team WE (our committee focused on culture and corporate social responsibility), we’ve had to make a shift in the way we build and maintain connections with our employees. Using the perspective of the Emergenetics Attributes, this article lists 10 takeaways from our experiences so far.

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Understanding Stress Through the Emergenetics Attributes

As we adjust to new realities of work given the current climate, this article offers a few insights into how stress shows up in each of the Emergenetics® Attributes as well as tips to help you reframe your mindset when engaging or connecting with others.

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A WEApproach to Communicating Through Uncertain Times

It’s no easy task to communicate effectively amid uncertainty, and when you take the time to consider the needs of each Emergenetics® Attribute in your messaging, you can help your employees, clients and community feel more engaged, connected and supported.

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Why Cognitive Diversity Drives Business Success

If you’re ready to get serious about promoting diversity of thought in your company, the first step is to find an offering that can help you identify the different ways your teams prefer to think and behave. With this insight into your employees’ preferences, you can start to utilize the brilliances already available in your organization and invite underrepresented perspectives to the table.

How Cognitive Diversity Impacts Employee Engagement [New Research]

Race, gender and age have dominated conversations about diversity in the workplace. These conversations are important, and there’s still much work to be done. However, there’s more to diversity than demographic characteristics. One area that is becoming increasingly more important is cognitive diversity—defined as differences in opinions, worldviews, beliefs and ways of thinking.

Inspire Creativity for the Emergenetics Attributes

It’s important to remember that not everyone will be at their most innovative in a brainstorming meeting, and I wouldn’t recommend telling people to think outside the box – even though most of us have been caught using that phrase. Instead, I invite you to consider creativity through the lens of the Emergenetics® Attributes. By understanding what each preference needs to spur innovation, you can establish an environment that gives your team what they need to open the door to new ideas. 

What is Emergenetics?

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® is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use regularly.  They were identified by reviewing research from a wide body of academic literature covering personality, psychology, and neuroscience.  The questionnaire may appear simple, but is actually the product of extensive social research proven to reliably capture the major thinking and behavioral preference people commonly use.   

On a practical level, the Emergenetics® Profile represents a clear framework of seven easily recognizable and useful factors that apply to work, communications, and interpersonal relationships.