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Grade Sorted Garden Lesson Plans 

(Standard and Season Aligned)

First Quarter

Kindergarten: Matter --SKP1b
Six of one, half dozen of another

First: Water/Weather and Seasons --S1E1c
Seasons on a Farm 

Second: Matter --S2P1a
Mini Terrariums 

Third: Rocks, Minerals, Soils, and Fossils --S3E1 .
Sensual Soils

Fourth: Stars and Our Solar System – S4E2c
Tracking the seasons 

Fifth: Cells and Microorganisms-- S5L4a
Friend or Foe 

Second Quarter

Kindergarten: Day & Night Sky -- SKE1c
Dark Plant, Light Plant 

First: Magnets/Lights and Shadows --S1P1a.

Second: Seasonal Changes--S2E3a
Tracking Weather 

Third: Habitats of Georgia -- S3L1b.
Read About Seeds

Fourth: Explain the Water Cycle – S4E3d
Lettuce Learn About the Water Cycle 

Fifth: Classification --S5L1b
Which Plant is Which? 

Genes & Inherited Traits -- S5L2b
Heirloom Planting 

Third Quarter

Kindergarten: Living and Nonliving Things -- GPSSKL1
Between and Rock and a Hard Place

First: Sound/Animals --S1L1b.
All about earthworms

Second: Energy --S2P2a
A Shoebox of Sunshine

Third: Heat Energy - S3P1c
Solar Ovens 

Fourth: Simple Machines – S4P3a
Force and Motion

Fifth: Matter and Changes -- S5P2a&c
Physical and Chemical Change 

Fourth Quarter

Kindergarten: Plants and animals -- GPSSKL2(b)
Garden Sensory Exploration

First: Plants --S1L1a.
Plants Plant Part Salad 

Second: Life Cycles --S2L1c
Plant Life Cycle 

Third: Pollution and Conservation -- S3L2a.
Food Roots and Routes 

Fourth: Ecology -- S4L1b
School Garden Ecosystem Game

Fifth: Earth's Surface Features S5E1c
Soil, Don't Go!

Cleveland Road

Lesson Plans

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