Bus and Bike

ATS "Bus n' Bike" program makes daily commuting much easier, safer, and more convenient for cyclists. Special carriers attach to the front bumper of the bus and allow riders to easily store bicycles on the bus. Each carrier can hold up to three adult-size bikes. The bike rack only contacts a bike's tires, reducing any potential damage to a loaded bike. 

Loading Instructions 

  1. It is very important to get the driver's attention before you load or unload your bike.
  2. As the bus approaches, have your bike ready to load. Remove water bottles, pumps, or any loose items that may fall off.
  3. Always load from the curb side of the street.
  4. Squeeze the handle and pull down to release the folded bike rack.
  5. Lift your bike onto the rack, fitting wheels into the slots. Each slot is labeled for front and rear wheels. Please load your bike in the outside slot first, if vacant.
  6. Raise and release the support arm over the top of the front tire. Make sure the support arm is resting on the tire and not the fender or frame.

Unloading Instructions

  1. Raise the support arm off the tire. Move the support arm down, out of your way.
  2. Lift your bike out of the rack.
  3. Return the rack to the upright position if there isn't another bike on the rack.

More Information

  • If you forget to retrieve your bike or the driver pulls away before you've unloaded it, please call Athens Transit at 706-613-3430.
  • Your safety is important to Athens Transit. We hope you enjoy the bike racks and ask that you use them in a safe manner.