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This spring, our series will focus on being green. Along with SCNC’s 50th anniversary, many environmental organizations have celebrated 50 this year or in the past couple of years.

March 17 "Endangered Species" We’ll celebrate the 50th birthday of the Endangered Species Act. We’ll meet a few protected animals found at SCNC and learn how the ESA brought eagles and alligators back from the brink. 

 April 7 "Earth Day" We’ll focus on Earth Day and how it brought about changes to help keep our water and air cleaner. Students will participate in experiments. Older students will also learn about cells and practice using lab equipment like a centrifuge, a vortexer and pipettes.

 May 5 "Going Green" We’ll look at practices we can do to keep our planet healthy and improve the environment around us. 

Time:               10:00 a.m. - Noon

Ages:                5-12 years

Fee:                 $4 ACC student per class, $6 Non-resident student per class. Preregistration required one day in advance.

Location:         Education & Visitor Center, Sandy Creek Nature Center, (706) 613-3615 X 0