Start Water/Sewer Service in Athens-Clarke County

  1. Welcome to Athens-Clarke County!

    The ACC Public Utilities Department provides reliable water and sewer services to Athens residents. Please complete this service request form to start water delivery and trash collection (if applicable).

    WBO same day

  2. Is this new service?*

    Select "Yes" if you have never had water service in Athens-Clarke County in your name.

  3. Is this a transfer of service?*

    Select "Yes" if you have current or previous water service in Athens-Clarke County in your name

  4. Enter the street address for where water service is needed

  5. Please enter MM/DD/YYYY

  6. Please enter MM/DD/YYYY.

    ATTENTION: If the date you chose is the current day, next day, or within 48 hours you will need to come to the Water Business Office in person at 124 E. Hancock Avenue. 

  7. Is the service location a new construction?*
  8. Is the billing address the same as the service location?*
  9. Type of Service Location*

    NOTE: If you are a business setting up a residential address, choose Commercial service location.

  10. Please select the one that describes you:*
  11. In some neighborhoods, ACC Solid Waste provides trash services billed through the water bill.

    If your address is within the covered service area, you will be charged a trash service deposit based on your household size and a one-time $10.00 initial set up fee.

    To find out more information about residential trash and recycling services, please go to or call the Solid Waste Department at 706-613-3501.

  12. Complete if you are transferring service to a different address

  13. Proof of Identity

    ID 2

    Please submit a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID matching the person requesting service.

    Examples of a valid government photo ID include:

    • Driver's License (issued within the United States or U.S. territories)
    • Non-drive photo ID (issued within the United States or U.S. territories)
    • U.S. passport
    • U.S. passport card
    • U.S. military ID card
    • U.S. military dependent's ID card
  14. Copy of Lease (Renters only)

    leaseIf you are a renter, submit a copy of the first and last page of your lease.

    If you are not a renter, skip this section.

  15. I understand there is a $50 deposit and a $10 service fee to start residential water/sewer service. *
  16. By submitting this application for water/sewer service for the above location, I hereby acknowledge responsibility for payment of billed services.*
  17. I understand there is a $15 convenience charge for same-day starting of service, acknowledging service may not be started on a weekend or holiday.
  18. I understand failure to receive a bill does not eliminate my responsibility to pay for the premise's accumulated water and sewer charges.*
  19. I understand water accounts are billed on a monthly basis.*
  20. Digital acknowledgement and signature*

    It is my responsibility to contact the ACC Water Business Office to terminate service.  I acknowledge responsibility for all water use at the above premises while account remains in my name.

    A leaking toilet or a toilet that continues to run after being flushed is one of the most common causes of high water bills.

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