Demolition and Relocation Review Applications

Exterior demolition and relocation permits for structures not within a local historic designation require review by the Planning Department prior to issuance.

Some applications can be approved by Planning staff if the structure is 

  • Not listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is not over 50 years old, or
  • Is an accessory structure with less than 500 feet of gross floor area, or 
  • Is located within an E-O, E-I or I zoning district, or
  • Is deemed hazardous by the Chief Building Official.

If the Planning staff cannot approve the demolition or relocation, then the application is forwarded to the Mayor and Commission with a maximum 25-day initial review period and, if requested by the respective district Commissioner, a possible maximum 90-day review.

Pending applications with maximum 90-day holds requested by the respective district Commissioner:

None at this time