Clerk of Superior & State Courts

Notice to all security deed filers

While HB 974 becomes effective on July 1, 2023, this office strongly recommends that you immediately begin including the information mandated in that legislation.

Clerks of Superior Court believe that including the nine items required will result in significantly fewer rejections by our offices.

Thanks for your attention to this request.

HB 974 – Security Deed page one mandated information 

Summary: Requires that the following information appear on the first page of all security deeds and that clerks offer eFiling for all real and personal property types. 

  1. The date of the document; 
  2. The names of the signatories of the document;
  3. The grantee’s mailing address;
  4. Map and parcel identification information, if applicable;
  5. The original loan amount or the amount of any outstanding principal and additional advance pursuant to a loan modification;
  6. The initial maturity date or dates for such debt;
  7. The amount, if any, of the intangible recording tax imposed on such deed to secure debt;
  8. The amount, if any, of the intangible recording tax imposed for an additional advance secured by a security deed; and
  9. If no intangible tax is imposed, a citation to the authority providing for an exemption of such tax.

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