Juror Information

Jury Message


Jurors with summons numbers 1 – 200 are to report Monday morning at 8:30AM.

Jurors with summons numbers 201 – 375 are to report Monday afternoon at 1:00PM.

All other jurors are excused and do not need to report or call.

Jury Duty Summons

If you have received a summons for jury duty, you should follow the clerk of court’s instructions in advance of your date of service. On your date of service, you should report to Athens-Clarke County Courthouse as directed. The clerk of courts will check you in, and you will wait with other jurors for further instructions. For your comfort, you may wish to bring a light sweater.


Parking for jurors is available in the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse parking deck adjacent to the Courthouse at 325 East Washington Street. The deck entrance is located on Hancock Avenue between Thomas Street and Jackson Street. Be sure to present your jury summons to the attendant each time you enter the parking deck.

Juror Resources

Please note: No information contained in this manual is law, and it should never be taken as such. In each case, the judge will charge the jurors as to the law applicable to the facts of the particular case. It is the purpose and intention of this manual to provide general background information which may lead to a clearer understanding and better appreciation of the judicial process.