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Public Utilities

  1. 2020 Athens Water Festival Presenter Form

    The Athens Water Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, at Sandy Creek Park from 10:30 am – 2:00 pm. We invite anyone who... More…

  2. Application for Athens-Clarke County Grease Transporters

    Athens-Clarke County requires commercial food service establishments use a registered Commercial Waster Transporter. To be included as... More…

  3. Certified Blue Application Form

    This form is the starting point for businesses interested in becoming Certified Blue

  4. Facility/Tour Evaluation for ACC Water Conservation Office

    Fill out this form if you visited the drinking water treatment plant, water reclamation facility, or Bobby Snipes Water Resources... More…

  5. Little Lily Reservation

    Little Lily's Pad Hop provides continuous environmental education into the classroom. The program offers teacher's the ability to... More…

  6. Project SHARE Contribution Enrollment Form

    Assist neighbors in need of assistance with water service by making a monthly contribution to Project SHARE through your water bill.

  7. Public Utilities Facility Tour
  8. Water Conservation Programs
  9. WaterSmart Workshop

    Ever wonder how much water your teenager uses while showering? Or how much water your grass guzzles? Now you can dive in and find the... More…

  1. ACCPU Map Request Form
  2. Calendar and Listserv sign up

    Alerts save water to add the person to calendar and listserv

  3. Classroom Visit Evaluation for ACC Water Conservation Office

    Fill out this form if the ACC Water Conservation Office brought a water education program to your location.

  4. Little Lily Lookout

    In the quarterly WaterSource, the newsletter of the ACC Public Utilities Department, a tiny image of Lily Anne Phibian is hidden in the... More…

  5. Online Water Waste Report
  6. Public Tour of the North Oconee Water Reclamation Facility
  7. Schedule a Program
  8. Water Drop Box Reservation

    Reserve a themed Water Drop Box for your classroom. *Loan periods are for two school weeks. *We will do our best to deliver your... More…