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Report a Water Quality Concern

  1. Report a Water Quality Concern

    We aim to provide Athens with the high-quality water you have come to expect and depend upon.  If your tap water is not meeting expectations, please use this form to report changes, such as an unusual or unpleasant smell, taste, or odor. 

    If you are served by a private well, do not complete this form. Contact the Athens-Clarke County Health Department or the ACC Extension Office (404-617-7209) for assistance with any concerns you have.

  2. How long has the problem existed?
  3. What is the nature of your concern?*
  4. Taste Concern

    If a taste concern, please indicate the taste.  

  5. Odor Concerns

    If an odor concern, please indicate the smell.

  6. Thank you

    We appreciate you taking the time to alert us to a potential problem in the system and giving us a chance to investigate.  A Public Utilities Department representative may contact you to follow up with the report.  

    Customers may also call 706-613-3481 to report a water quality concern.

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