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Adopt-A-Highway Application Form

  1. What is Adopt-A-Highway?

    Adopt-A-Highway is a local litter prevention program sponsored by Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful (KACCB) that works to involve community volunteers in local roadside clean-up efforts. The goal of the program is to reduce roadside litter in an effort to keep our community clean and beautiful. Community organizations and/or volunteers accept the responsibility of regular litter pick-ups on their “adopted” local roadway.  

    Who Can Adopt?

     Any civic-minded organization, such as garden clubs, church groups, scout groups, student clubs, businesses, corporations, families, neighborhood associations, etc. can adopt a stretch of county roadway.  

    Adopting Organization Responsibilities:

    All adopting organizations are required to:

    • Commit to organizing and conducting, at minimum, four (4) litter clean-ups per calendar year (January 1 - December 31);
    • Organize and manage their volunteers for each litter clean-up;
    • Contact KACCB to request supplies/tools (safety vests, litter grabbers, trash and recycling bags, hand sanitzer, etc.);
    • Submit post clean-up reports, to KACCB, after each clean-up is conducted. Reports include information on number of volunteers that participated in the clean-up, the length of time the clean-up took, and the location where the bags of trash and recyclable materials were left;
    • Return all loaned tools/supplies to the KACCB office after each clean-up is completed.

    KACCB will:

    • Provide each group with two personalized Adopt-A-Highway signs that will be placed along the road the group adopts;
    • Provide, at no-cost, trash bags, recycling bags, litter grabbers, safety vests, hand sanitzer, etc;
    • Coordinate the hauling away of all the bags collected after each litter clean-up is completed (groups must make KACCB aware of the where the bags are located);
    • Provide a safety orientation (if requested).
  2. This is how the name that will appear on the ACCGov proclamation and the group's custom-printed Adopt-A-Highway signs.

  3. Name of Intersecting road at the start of stretch.

  4. Name of intersecting road at the end of stretch.

  5. Please visit this map to display roads that KACCB recommends and are available for adoption as well as all the roads that currently adopted. 

    Groups can select their own road(s) and/or share any of their preferences. KACCB will do its best to accommodate. If groups need assistance identifying and choosing a road to adopt, please contact KACCB staff: 706-613-3501 ext. 7871. 

    If a group is interested in adopting a state roadway, please call the Department of Transportation District 1 office at (706) 583-2655.

  6. Projected litter clean-up dates (select at least four)*

    Please identify the four (4) months the group anticipates it will conduct its required litter clean-ups. The dates identified are NOT binding and groups are permitted to change them. The dates are used as activity reminders.

    NOTE: At minimum, all Adopt-A-Highway groups must conduct four (4) litter clean-ups per calendar year (January 1 - December 31) to remain in good standing.

    Groups that do not fulfill this requirement are subject to being removed from the Adopt-A-Highway program.

  7. Adopt-A-Highway Agreement*

    In submitting this application and joining the Adopt-A-Highway program I acknowledge that my group is aware of the potentially hazardous work which is to be performed; and our group agrees to abide by the Adopt-A-Highway rules and regulations; and my group understands that the Commission agrees to cooperate in the development and implementation of the Adopt-a-Highway program, but cannot assume any liability with respect thereto.

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