Green Life Awards - Recycling Division


2021 Award Winners                                                                    

2021 Recycling Waste Innovator of the Year- Michael Goltzer

Michael Goltzer Recycling Waste Innovator of the Year

2021 Business Waste Reduction Award- W&A Engineering

W&A Engineering Business Waste Reduction Award

2021 County Employee of the Year- Sgt. Patricia Marks

Sgt. Patricia Marks Recycling County Employee of the Year

2021 Recycling and Extension Rot Star- Condor Chocolates

Condor Chocolate Recycling and Extension Rot Star

2020 Award Winners                                                                    

2020 Recycling Waste Innovator of the Year- EcoHood

Waste Reduction Winner

2020 Business Waste Reduction Award- Community

Community Waste Reduction Winner

2020 Recycling Coordinator of the Year- Irena Epling

Irena Epling- Recycling Coordinator of the Year

2020 Solid Waste Champion- Axel Skobba

Axel Skobba Solid Waste Ambassador

2020 Recycling and Extension Rot Star- Maepole

Maepole Rot Star

2020 School Waste Reduction- Double Helix STEAM School

Double Helix

2019 Award Winners                                                                    

2019 Business Waste Innovator - Terrapin Beer Co.

GLEA 2019

2019 Oscar Recycling Coordinator Award - Phil Kincaid

GLEA 2019_3

2019 Individual Waste Innovator - Abigail West

GLEA 2019_2