How to Register Your Neighborhood with the NNI

In February of 2006, the first group of neighborhoods and special interest overlay areas were adopted, and as registration information is submitted and endorsed, new groups are added to the program. Each area corresponds to a listserv group for which members of the public may sign up to receive email notification about proposed development throughout the community.

A directory of neighborhood organizations and contact persons is maintained by the Athens-Clarke County Planning Department in order to aid communication between neighborhoods and those effecting changes in the community. Applicants requesting a zoning action within an identified neighborhood boundary are given neighborhood contact information to encourage the early exchange of information related to the proposal. The Planning Department provides the neighborhood's contact person with the applicant's contact information.


Click here to see a flowchart detailing the registration process!

Required Paperwork

If your neighborhood group is already established as a nonprofit, limited liability corporation, or other legal entity, fill out the registration form and submit it along with a copy of your group's articles of incorporation or other documents indicating your organizational structure and legal status. A map demonstrating the boundaries of your neighborhood group should also be included. 

If your neighborhood group is not already established, you should also provide a petition signed by at least 20% of the residents and/or property owners within the proposed neighborhood boundaries.

Planning staff will provide your area's commissioners (regular district and super district) with the materials that you submit. With their endorsement, the Mayor and Commission will vote on the official registration and mapped boundaries of your neighborhood organization. Once approved and mapped, residents and other interested parties may sign up to receive email notification of proposed zoning actions within/nearby a given neighborhood's boundaries.

Link to NNI Neighborhood Registration Form