Guidelines & Examples

Historic Preservation Guidelines for Most Local Historic Districts & Landmarks
These design guidelines provide a set of criteria to be applied uniformly in the evaluation of the appropriateness of proposed changes in historic districts and landmarks in Athens-Clarke County, other than those found within the Milledge Avenue Local Historic District or the Downtown Historic District. The goal of the design guidelines is to protect the visual qualities of local historic districts and landmarks.

Milledge Avenue Local Historic District Guidelines
The Milledge Avenue historic district guidelines were adopted specifically for the Milledge Avenue Local Historic District and the local landmark properties within that district. Written and visual explanations are provided along with information on the approval procedures for various projects and types of work.

Downtown Historic District Guidelines
The Downtown Historic District Guidelines were adopted in conjunction with the designation of a portion of downtown as a local historic district. They provide a set of criteria for the evaluation of proposed changes to the exterior of properties within the local Downtown Historic District.

Downtown Alternative Compliance Guidelines
The Downtown Alternative Compliance Guidelines were adopted in conjunction with the creation of design standards for development within each character area downtown, including the historic district. The guidelines describe the overall vision and design intent of the standards for each character area and provide examples, both written and visual, of how to achieve this intent with new design proposals. See the character areas.

Infill Plans for Affordable Housing in Athens-Clarke County Historic Districts
Completed as part of a Certified Local Government Grant, the premise of this project is that three goals (infill development, affordable housing, and historic preservation) can be combined to the benefit of both individual neighborhoods and the community.