What should I do with old prescriptions?

As many as 24% of high school students (more than 5 million) have abused medications. Most commonly by using medication prescribed for family members. 

Properly dispose of you unused/old medication! 

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Keeping expired medication increases the chance of taking an incorrect dosage or the wrong one. Plus medicine loses potency over time. 

DO NOT share medicine with anyone.

DO NOT flush medicine down the toilet.

DO NOT put medicine in the trash without disguising it first! 

Question: Can I place old medications in the trash? 

YES. Follow these guidelines to protect children, wildlife, the environment and personal information. 

  1. Keep in the original container to help identify contents if accidentally ingested. 
  2. Mark out your name and prescription number. 
  3. Add a small amount of water or soda to dissolve pills. 
  4. Add a small amount of inedible items like pet litter, dirt or saw dust to absorb liquids, 
  5. Secure the lid with a strong tape.
  6. Place bottle(s) inside an opaque container like a detergent bottle or with unappealing trash like diapers or used pet litter.
  7. Hide the container in your trash. 
  8. DO NOT place in the recycling bin.

Question: Is there a secure location to dispose of medication?

YES. Prescription medication drop boxes are located in the ACC Police East Precinct, 3035 Lexington Rd., and West Precinct at Georgia Square Mall, 3700 Atlanta Hwy. between the hours of 8 AM - 5 PM, MON- FRI. Sharps and liquids are not accepted. Contact the ACC Police Dept. at (706) 613-3330 x248 for more info. The Epps Bridge Walmart, 1911 Epps Bridge Pkwy, also has a medication drop box located at the pharmacy. It is available when the pharmacy is open. Sharps and liquids are accepted at this location. It is recommended to remove the prescription label before disposing of your medication.

Question: Should I flush old medications down the toilet?

NO. Flushing medications can cause contamination to local aquatic environments and wastewater treatment systems are not designed to remove medications. Also, medication can kill helpful bacteria in septic systems.