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 Activities for Credit

For the 2020-21 school year, two types of credits are available: 1) teacher credits and 2) school credits for school-wide initiatives. See the Green School Program and Activity Guide for a full list. Items are submitted using a Google Form. 

Check your credits for your school here: Green School Lesson Share
We will consider additional sources not on the list. If you have a source for Environmental Education content not included, contact to have it reviewed for addition to the list.

School-Wide Credits (submitted by Green School Coordinator)

  • Whole school recycling, composting, and conservation campaigns
  • Environmental education assemblies
  • Garden and environmental clubs
  • School garden workdays and green grounds projects
  • School event participation (MLK Service Site, Walk to School, fairs and science nights)
  • Custodial and cafeteria training and initiatives

Teacher Credits (submitted by teachers)

  • Professional development 
  • Classroom lessons from the preapproved lesson list. These can be a guest speaker or teacher led. 
  • Experiential learning and activities: tours, activities, and field trips
  • Service and community engagement: includes activities such as Litter Pick Ups, storm drain stenciling, stream testing, garden workdays, and volunteering.
Most activities count for one lesson credit for each participating class, even when the activity is repeated. See the program guide for point values. Report those activities using a Green School Activity Form. To find out which programs and activities are eligible for credit, please visit our Green School Program Guide.