Housing Counseling


General housing counseling, credit counseling for prospective homeowners, mortgage counseling, homebuyer delinquency and predatory lending counseling, foreclosure prevention assistance, reverse mortgage counseling, home maintenance and financial management for new homeowners, rental housing counseling, and fair housing counseling are services that are available in Athens-Clarke County. For additional information, please contact HCD staff at (706) 613-3155.

Housing Counselors in Athens-Clarke County include:

Athens Land Trust
Phone: 706-613-0122
Email Athens Land Trust

University of Georgia - ASPIRE Clinic
McPhaul Center on the UGA Campus
Phone: (706) 542-4486

East Athens Development Corporation
Phone: 706-208-0048
Fax: 706-208-0015

Hancock Community Development Corporation
Phone: 706-546-1154
Fax: 706-546-1206