Utility Credits

Stormwater Utility Credit System

Because the Stormwater Utility Fee is a service-based fee, properties with stormwater management facilities such as detention or retention ponds to manage their stormwater runoff may be eligible for a reduction of their fee. The utility credits (fee reductions) may reduce the quantity or quality charges on your stormwater bill. The base charge on your bill is not eligible for reduction. To apply for a credit, complete the Adjustment Review Request and submit it to the Stormwater Management Program at 120 W. Dougherty Street, Athens GA 30601.

To qualify for a utility credit, a licensed professional engineer must evaluate the stormwater facility for compliance with the current Athens-Clarke County design standards. These standards can be found in the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual

For more information, contact Stormwater GIS Analyst Robert Gasper at 706-613-3440 x6722 or email robert.gasper@accgov.com.

Columbia Brookside Detention Basin
Bioretention at ACC Park and Ride
Detention Pond

Types of Credits

Stormwater Quantity Credit - for properties with detention ponds

Stormwater Quality Credit - for properties with practices that treat water quality and show a reduction in sediment loading

Education Credit - for properties documenting the teaching of an environmental science curriculum that includes water protection and stormwater issues

Agriculture/Farm Plan Credit - for properties with a certified Farm Plan on file with the National Resource Conservation Service

 Riparian Credit 
- for properties in a Riparian Service Area, or those that drain directly into designated Riparian waters. This credit is automatically applied to the quantity portion of the fee for eligible properties.

Read more about specific credits in our Stormwater Utility Fee ordinance or on the Credit Application Form.