Engineering & Design Services

Capital Improvement Design 

  • Roadway Improvements
  • Intersection Improvements
  • Sidewalk Improvements
  • Bicycle Lane Improvements
  • Stormwater and Drainage Improvements
  • Culvert Improvement / Replacement

Land Surveying 

  • Construction Layout
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Elevation Certifications
  • Survey Control Monumentation and Maintenance

GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Management 

  • Infrastructure Mapping
  • Map Preparation

Minor Project Design and Maintenance 

  • Minor Drainage Improvement
  • Minor Roadway and Intersection Improvements
  • Minor Sidewalk Improvements


  • Coordinate New Installation
  • Coordinate Repair of Existing Fixtures
  • Manage Mapping Database

Flood Control / Watershed Dams 

  • Inspect County Maintained Structures
  • Coordinate Maintenance of County Maintained Structures

Other Services 

  • Provide Engineering Support for Traffic Engineering, Streets and Drainage, Land Development, Construction Management, and other A-CC Departments and Divisions
  • Partner with other local agencies (BOE, GDOT, NRCS, EPD, UGA) to provide engineering solutions to local problems