Warranty Deeds


A warranty deed by definition is a deed which conveys the title to property whereby the seller guarantees the title to be good and unencumbered except as stated and agrees to defend and protect the purchaser against any loss that may arise in the future from any defect in the title at the time of conveyance.

The warranty deed is the most common type of deed used to transfer property from one individual or business to another. Warranty deeds usually require that a title search be conducted by a trained professional to ensure that the property is free and clear of liens or encumbrances. Any lien or encumbrance discovered would effectively "cloud" the title of the property and make warranting the property risky or impossible.

Issuing a Deed

When the tax commissioner auctions a piece of property for nonpayment of taxes, a tax deed, not a warranty deed, is issued. This tax deed has certain limitations and restrictions. It is strongly recommended that you view additional information available on tax deeds.