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ACC Solid Waste Commercial Application- Food Scraps Collection

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  2. Commercial Food Scraps Collection Services

    This service includes collection of any compostable materials. Compostable items include, but are not limited to the following items: all food scraps (fruit, vegetables, meat, processed food); hair (pet and human); compostable plant-based products (plates, cups, cutlery, clamshells, plates); wax-coated cardboard. For a complete list of acceptable items, visit In short, anything that used to be alive, except dead animals and feces.

    This curbside service includes a 32-gallon roll cart. Additional carts are available for an additional $5 per cart, per month, fee. This service does not include compostable bags. If compost material is in bags, the bags MUST be BPI compostable. If you need assistance with compostable products, including bags, please contact

    Lastly, if you would like to purchase the compost made from your material the ACC Landfill sells compost for $20/cubic yard.

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    Collection area must be accessible by the collection truck and roll carts must be moved to collection area on pick up days. Solid Waste will approve collection area after receipt of your application.

  5. Return trip fee to empty contaminated food scraps as trash or cleaning roll cart............$10

    By my signature below, I hereby declare that I am an official representative of the business or other entity named above and that I am legally authorized to conduct business for said business or other entity; for collection services. I understand the fee(s) will be due and payable for each month that said business has active service, regardless of the amount of food scrap(s). Either party may terminate the agreement without penalty, fee, or liquidated damages by providing 30 days prior written notice. Additionally, I will be held accountable for replacing the food scraps roll cart(s) if they are missing or stolen. I understand that if the food scraps are contaminated with non-food debris, I will be responsible to clean out debris and/or pay to have the roll cart(s) emptied as trash.

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