Public Input

Residents can provide public input and comments to the Mayor & Commission in the following ways:

  • Agenda Comment Form emailed to the full Mayor & Commission
  • Audio Input Remotely During Regular, Agenda Setting & Special Called Sessions - see below
  • In-Person Comment (Zoning Public Hearings & some other Public Hearings such as Budget or CDBG items only) at City Hall - see below
  • Contacting the Mayor & Commission directly

The best way to see what kinds of public input will be accepted during a given meeting is to view each specific meeting agenda.

  • Public input during Work Sessions is only accepted through the online Agenda Comment Form
  • Most meetings are held virtually through Webex.

Contact the Clerk of Commission (706-613-3031) or the Public Information Office (706-613-3795) with any questions.

Agenda Comment Form

  • Online agenda comment form allows residents to comment on current agenda items under consideration by the Mayor and Commission. 
  • The form provides the same comments to all 10 commissioners and the mayor. You can receive a copy of the form as well.

Audio Input Remotely During Regular, Agenda Setting & Special Called Sessions

  • Sign ups to provide for audio public input remotely for a meeting is available once the meeting agenda is posted.
  • Residents can sign up to provide audio public comment during Regular, Agenda Setting, and Special Called Mayor & Commission meetings.
  • Residents registered to speak during public comment will receive a link to join the Webex meeting or will receive a phone call prior to the meeting.
  • Residents will be unmuted at the appropriate time in the meeting to provide input, but can listen to or watch the rest of the meeting.
  • Comments are generally limited to 3 minutes per person.
  • A maximum of 20 residents (1 hour) can provide comments for Agenda Items near the beginning of meetings
  • A maximum of 10 residents (30 minutes) can provide comments for Items Not on the Agenda during Regular Sessions only near the end of the meetings. 
  • See meeting agendas for full schedules.
  • During meetings with public input on zoning/public hearing items, audio input will be taken on each zoning/public hearing items separately in 3-minute opportunities.
  • Online sign up registration form

In-Person Comment (Zoning Public Hearings & Some Other Public Hearings Only) at City Hall

  • Due to Georgia state law, in-person comment opportunities are required for zoning public hearing items and some other public hearings. 
  • Agenda items available for in-person comment will be specifically noted on agendas.
  • Those wishing to comment on these items can still use any of the other methods (online form, audio during meetings remotely, contacting elected officials) in lieu of in-person comment.
  • Those wishing to provide individual 3-minute public comments on these specific agenda items may come to City Hall without pre-registering.
  • Those wishing to comment for up to 10-minute public comments (10 minutes in favor / 10 minutes opposed) on specific zoning public hearing agenda items should contact the Clerk of Commission's Office at 706-613-3130 or inform staff at City Hall upon arrival. See 'Procedure for Resident Input on Zoning Related Public Hearings' below.

Please note that due to COVID-19 precautions, capacity may be limited in comment areas. While all comments will be taken, commenters may be required to provide comments and move into other areas or outside the building for social distancing and capacity requirements.

Procedure for Resident Input on Zoning Related Public Hearings

All persons supporting and opposing a proposed rezoning may take either one of two different opportunities to address the Mayor and Commission at the final public hearing on the proposed rezoning, as follows:

  • 1.a. Proponents shall first present their ten (10) minute argument in support of the proposed rezoning, and opponents shall then present their ten (10) minute argument in opposition to the proposed rezoning.
  • b. Neither side will be required to use all of its ten (10) minute argument period.
  • c. Either side may allocate its ten (10) minute argument period among any number of speakers, provided that the presentation by all speakers for each side shall not exceed ten (10) minutes per side.
  • d. All persons wishing to speak longer than three (3) minutes during one side’s ten (10) minute argument period must register their intent to do so with the Clerk of Commission not later than the time that the meeting of the Mayor and Commission at which the final public hearing on the proposed rezoning is to be conducted is first called to order.
  • e. In the event that all persons wishing to speak longer than three (3) minutes as a part of one side’s ten (10) minute argument are not able to agree how that side’s ten (10) minute argument period shall be allocated, they shall inform the Mayor of their disagreement before either side begins its 10-minute argument, in which event the Mayor shall decide and announce the manner in which that side’s ten (10) minute argument period shall be allocated. Any Commissioner dissatisfied with the Mayor’s allocation of that side’s ten (10) minute argument shall have the right to appeal the Mayor’s allocation decision to the Commission before either side begins its ten (10) minute argument.
  • 2. After the supporters and opponents of the proposed rezoning have concluded their ten (10) minute arguments, any person who has not yet spoken either for or against the proposed rezoning shall be allowed to address the Mayor and Commission concerning the proposed rezoning for no longer than three (3) minutes per person.

Contacting the Mayor and Commissioners Directly

Residents can contact the Mayor and/or Commissioners directly by email, phone, or mail by using the contact information below 

  1. Mayor Kelly Girtz

    Kelly Girtz

    Phone: 706-613-3010

  1. District 1 Commissioner Patrick Davenport

    Patrick Davenport

    District 1 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-202-4339

  1. District 2 Commissioner Mariah Parker

    Mariah Parker

    District 2 Commissioner
    Phone: 502-396-9023

  1. District 3 Commissioner Melissa Link

    Melissa Link

    District 3 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-372-3382

  1. District 4 Commissioner Allison Wright

    Allison Wright

    District 4 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-549-3518

  1. Tim Denson, District 5 Commissioner

    Tim Denson

    District 5 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-372-0681

  1. Jesse Houle, District 6 Commissioner

    Jesse Houle

    District 6 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-395-5029

  1. District 7 Commissioner Russell Edwards

    Russell Edwards

    District 7 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-850-0878

  1. Carol Myers, District 8 Commissioner

    Carol Myers

    District 8 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-296-1948

  1. District 9 Commissioner Ovita Thornton

    Ovita Thornton

    District 9 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-202-4437

  1. District 10 Commissioner Mike Hamby

    Mike Hamby

    District 10 Commissioner
    Phone: 706-338-3970