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Move-In Waste Diversion- Multi-Family

  1. Move-In Waste Diversion Campaign

    The Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division is working to reduce the amount of waste created during Fall move-in. And with your help, we can do it! "A Flat Box is a Happy Box" is a campaign that is focusing on cardboard, Styrofoam, and stretchy plastic as these are the major sources of waste when moving into a new living space. 

    Together, we can reduce this waste and keep your properties free of overflowing dumpsters and litter.

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  3. Participation Level

    There are two ways to participate:

     Level 1

    Through this campaign we will provide you with flyers to hand out to tenants or graphics to add to your move-in letter to remind them:

    • Cardboard boxes should be empty and flattened before recycling. 
    • Styrofoam and stretchy plastic DO NOT belong in the recycling dumpster BUT can be recycled at CHaRM for free!

     Level 2

    Want to go a step further? In addition to the above, you will collect at your property any Styrofoam or plastic film that can be recycled at CHaRM. We will provide you with large bags to collect it all. We can even arrange to have them picked up from you at no charge and taken to CHaRM.

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  5. LEVEL 2 PARTICIPANTS: Do you need the collected Styrofoam and stretchy plastic picked up?
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  7. Reusable Recycling Tote Bags and Flyers
    We ask that multi-family properties limit their request to 100 bags at a time. These bags are expensive so we kindly request that bags are only given to tenants that show an interest in recycling and not given to every tenant as not everyone will recycle.
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