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Waste Minimization Fee Quarterly Reporting Form


  1. 1. Information & Instructions
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  3. 3. Residential Trash & Recycling Information
  4. 4. Commercial Trash Information
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  • Information & Instructions

    1. Information & Instructions
      According to Sec. 5-2-23(e) in the Athens-Clarke County Code of Ordinances, quarterly reports from all solid waste service providers (franchisees) operating in Athens-Clarke County, are required.

      These reports are due to the ACC Solid Waste Department by the 15th of each month following the end of the quarter.

      At the same time, a waste minimization fee of $0.60 per customer/per month for residential customers and $1.60 per customer/per month for commercial customers shall be paid by the franchisee to Athens-Clarke County (Sec. 5-2-22(e)).

      The checks should be made out to Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department and mailed/delivered to ACC Solid Waste Department, Waste Minimization Fee, 725 Hancock Industrial Way, Athens, Georgia 30605.

      Please complete the quarterly reporting form below. All items with an (*) asterisk are required. Once report is complete, please print for your records.