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ACC Solid Waste Services Commercial Curbside City Bags Order Form

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  2. Solid Waste Services Commercial Curbside City Bags Order Form

    For bag delivery for ACC Solid Waste Customers Only.

    How many cases of trash bags would like us to deliver on Thursday? Do you need us to deliver any rolls of recycling bags with your trash bags? 

    The delivery order minimum is one case of trash bags. We typically only deliver recycling bags when customers order one or more cases of trash bags. 


    Please keep in mind we need to know by 5pm Wednesday, so that we can get you bags on Thursday. If you notify us after 5pm Wednesday, the bags will not be delivered until the following week. 


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  4. Deliver Address, if different from above billing address
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  6. Method of Payment:

    In addition to the monthly service fee, you are required to purchase authorized bags, endorsed by the Solid Waste Department, in which to place your garbage for pickup. These bags cost $1.50 each and are sold in rolls of 20 or boxes of 100 bags at the following locations:

    • ACC Solid Waste Department (725 Hancock Industrial Way)
    • ACC Water Business Office (124 E. Hancock Avenue)
    • ADDA Parking Services (287 College Avenue)

    The fee of $1.50 per bag covers the cost of the bag and disposal of your garbage at the landfill.

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