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Birthday Visit from Our Firefighters

  1. Birthday Visit Request
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  3. Conditions

    Birthday party requests can only be accepted for addresses inside Athens-Clarke County

    If your child is celebrating a birthday, you can request a brief drive-up visit from a fire truck. If time and circumstances allow, our firefighters will provide a brief truck tour at your location. Complete this form to make a request and we will make every effort to accommodate you. 

    * Please note, that our trucks are in service and ready to respond to emergency calls. Circumstances may arise in which a truck cannot come at the requested time, or may have to leave unexpectedly for emergency response. On very rare occasions, we may need to cancel with little to no warning due to larger emergencies that may require multiple truck responses. 

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  5. Please provide us with the location of your event. Our trucks can only accommodate visits on streets inside neighborhoods, inside apartment complexes, and in parking lots in which you have authorized use.

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