Sheriff's Office Fees

Sheriff’s Office Services and Fees:

Hours of service 8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday

We will accept and process requests for Fingerprints and Criminal History Requests.  After 4 pm you may pick up your Criminal History the following business day.  We process Fingerprints from 8 am – 4 pm.


Payments paid by Check, Cash, or Money Order

Action from another county
Collect fifas up to and including $100 $10.00
Collect fifas over $100 $20.00
Copy of Process
Criminal History
Evictions $25.00
Expungement $50.00
Fingerprints - Adoption
Fingerprints - Bondsman
Fingerprints - Firearms license
Fingerprints - Other reasons
Levying an attachment $50.00
Levy or writ of fiery facias
Making out and executing titles to land $50.00
Search and return of nulla bona
Serving summons of garnishment
Summoning a witness (subpoena) $10.00
Summoning each witness win a criminal case
Transmit - Other Reasons $52.00

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