Inclement Weather/Holiday Hours 

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, please check the following for information as to whether the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse or Family Counseling Services are open.

Athens-Clarke County Courthouse - or the Facebook page -

If the Courthouse is closed, any scheduled status conferences, probation petition hearings, probation appointments, or other matters taking place in the Courthouse will be rescheduled.

For Holiday Testing Hours, please go to Family Counseling Services between the hours of 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Family Counseling Services- Please call 706-353-2309 Please call the above phone number, and then dial your counselors extension (Rebecca: 260, Cheran: 261).

If group, individual appointments, or Check In are being cancelled, there will be a message stating that they are cancelled. If we are open and still having group and/or individual appointment or Check In, there will be no message and you should attend.