Post-Judgment Interrogatories

Once a person has obtained a judgment, a person may request the issuance of post-judgment interrogatories, which will require the defendant to answer seven statutory questions (listed below) for the purpose of aiding in collection of the judgment. Fill out a Request for Interrogatories. Provide a good mailing address or service address for the defendant.

Cost of Interrogatories

If the judgment was entered in the Magistrate Court of Athens-Clarke County, the cost is $16 to have the interrogatories served by certified mail or $20 to have them served by the sheriff. If the judgment was entered in another court, the cost for filing a Request for Interrogatories is $98.

Failure of the Defendant to Answer

Once the defendant is properly served with the interrogatories, the defendant has 30 days to answer. If the defendant fails to answer, the plaintiff may request the judge to hold the defendant in contempt for failure to answer.

Seven Questions

1. List your full name, telephone number, and address, including apartment number and ZIP code.

2. List the name, address and telephone number of your employer(s).

3. Describe and state the location of each piece of real estate in which you own any interest.

4. Give the names and addresses, and a description of the nature of any business venture in which you own any interest.

5. List the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all persons who owe money to you and specify amounts owed.

6. List the names and addresses of all banks or savings institutions where you have any sums of money deposited and identify the accounts by number.

7. List and give the present location of all items of personal property owned by you that have a value of more than $100.00.