Community Trees

Athens-Clarke County Community Tree Ordinance
The Community Tree Ordinance was adopted in 2005 by the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission with the intent of regulating the quantity, quality and distribution of trees within Athens-Clarke County. There are at least 35 counties in Georgia with tree ordinances, with more counties and communities developing ordinances every year to protect this vital natural resource. Trees provide many environmental, social and economic benefits. Besides absorbing air pollutants and releasing oxygen, trees reduce stormwater runoff and erosion, temper the climate and serve as screens.

The Community Tree Ordinance (CTO) establishes two staff positions within the county government to administer and enforce the various components of the CTO. The two positions are:

ACC Community Forestry Coordinator
Landscape Management Division of Central Services Department (706-613-3561)

The Athens-Clarke County Community Forestry Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the Community Tree Program. Components of this program include: management of all trees on Athens-Clarke County streets and properties, administration of the Community Tree Management Ordinance, and providing natural resource related education and outreach to county residents. The Athens-Clarke County Community Forestry Coordinator works in the Landscape Management Division.

Contact the Community Forestry Coordinator if you need more information about:

  • Tree Care
  • Forest Management
  • The Landmark Tree Program
  • Neighborhood Forest Assessments
  • Utility Pruning Standards
  • The Community Tree Council
  • Street Tree Ownership and Management

ACC Arborist
Planning Department (706-613-3515)

The Athens-Clarke County Arborist is responsible for the successful implementation of the Community Tree Management Ordinance during the development process. The Arborist reviews tree management plans and notices of timber harvesting, and also inspects properties before, during and after development to ensure that trees are conserved and planted in accordance with the tree ordinance. The Athens Clarke County Arborist works in the Planning Department.

Contact the Arborist if you need more information about:

  • Creating a Tree Management Plan
  • Timber Harvesting
  • Tree Removal
  • Trees within Environmental Areas
  • Tree Programs for Green Schools