Trees & Development

The Community Tree Management ordinance established tree management plans as the tool to ensure compliance with the county's canopy coverage goals.

Tree management plans are reviewed and approved by either the ACC Arborist or the Community Forester.

Tree management plans vary in scope and type of development. Use the chart below as a guide, and contact the ACC Arborist at 706-613-3515 if you have any questions.

Type of DevelopmentScope of Tree Management Plan
New developments or existing developments adding structural or site improvements as defined in section 9-25-2 and developments for which a land development/disturbance activity permit is required.
Tree Management Plan showing compliance with conserved and planted requirements in Table 1.
Developments requiring preliminary plats as defined in section 9-26-2 and sites requiring a Notice of Timber Harvest as defined by section 8-7-18.
(Note that developments requiring a preliminary plat will show compliance with total canopy percentages during the Plans Review submittal phase.)
Tree Management Plan showing compliance with conserved canopy only as required by Table 1.
Developments required to construct parking facilities as defined in section 9-30-11.
Tree Management Plan showing compliance with parking lot trees requirements only.

Developments requiring a site review permit, but not meeting the thresholds set in 9-25-2, 9-26-2, 9-30-11 or requiring a land development/disturbance activity permit.
Tree Management Plan showing existing conditions only.

Improvements on properties zoned (P) - Park
Tree Management Plan showing street trees, parking lot trees and any other trees required by Park master plan.

A tree management plan can be submitted during regular business hours to the front counter of the Planning Department at 120 W. Dougherty Street. 

Applications for review should include:

  1. A completed application form
  2. Two paper copies of the Tree Management Plan
  3. A digital copy on CD
  4. A $65 application fee

*Revisions to a tree management plan should include 2 paper copies and a digital copy on CD. A $20 revision fee is required after the first round of revisions. Once the TMP is approved, submit one additional copy for stamping and permitting.*

After approval, the tree management plan is digitally archived and used by the ACC Arborist or the Community Forester for their annual inspections. These plans are referenced during the construction process to ensure best practices are followed and after the certificate of occupancy/completion is issued to ensure the ongoing health of conserved and planted trees. Tree management plans are important documents that carry on long after the design and review phases are over. Help both your client and county staff by designing them wisely!