Streets & Drainage Division

Streets Staff12.15.21
Our Mission
To provide safe and efficient roadways, walkways, bikeways and stormwater systems for the citizens of Athens-Clarke County.

Streets & Drainage Division Services and Programs

Roadway Maintenance and Improvements
  • Pavement Maintenance Pothole Patching
  • Full Depth Asphalt Roadway Patching
  • Full Depth Concrete Roadway Patching
  • Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Dirt Road Maintenance
  • Dead Animal Removal
Stormwater System Maintenance and Improvements
  • Shoulder and Ditch Maintenance
    • Clip the shoulders of the Roadway
    • Remove Silt from Roadside Ditches
  • Concrete Maintenance
    • Curb & Gutter Repair
    • Catch Basin Repair
    • Catch Basin Reconstruction
  • Stormwater Pipe Repair
  • Bridge and Culvert Maintenance
    • Bridge Deck Repair
    • Roadway Culvert Repair
  • Stormwater System Cleaning
    • Curb & Gutter Cleaning
    • Catch Basin Cleaning
    • Stormwater Pipe Cleaning
    • Bridge Deck Drain Cleaning
    • Roadway Culvert Cleaning
Emergency Response
  • Respond to Emergency and Disaster Needs of the Community
    • Assist the Police and Fire Departments During Emergencies, i.e., Severe Weather, Flooding, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Ice and Snow Storm Events
    • Ensure Safe Passage for Citizen and Emergency Vehicles by Clearing Debris (trees, limbs, etc.) from Athens-Clarke County Streets and Stormwater Systems.
Other Services
  • Construction of Minor Streets & Drainage Infrastructure Projects
  • Support Other Departments and Divisions when Requested
    • Physically Locate Underground Utilities
    • Asphalt and Concrete Construction
    • Heavy Equipment Grading and Construction
  • Project Partner with Other Agencies (University of Georgia, Board of Education, Georgia Department of Transportation, etc.)