Make Your Own Bins

Pallet Composter

Place four pallets upright to form a square bin, then connect the four corners together with rope, wire, or chain.

Trash Can Composter

Convert an old trash can into a composter. Cut the bottom out of a trash can and drill about 24 to 48 quarter-inch holes in the sides of the can to increase air flow. Bury the bottom of the can a few inches below the soil and press the loosened soil around the sides to secure.


Wire bins can easily be made from fencing, chicken wire, or hardware cloth. Obtain an 11-foot length of 2-inch by 4-inch by 36-inch fence wire and form it into a round hoop. Tie the ends together with wire or string.

Heaps / Piles

Simply pile or heap yard material in a corner of the the yard. Turn the pile once in a while and compost will be produced in one to two years. Visit the Backyard Gardener for additional homemade compost bin ideas.